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Made with Processing

Creates a "Nude Descending Staircase"-like image given a video file


Made with Processing

Arrange some objects so that it forms different images from different angles


Made with Processing

Import a midi file, play All Star to the tune of it

The Cal in the Hacks

Made with Ruby

Repurposing public domain books into poetry

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Sausalito, California

One of the more scenic locations on the San Francisco bay.

Science Teaching Complex

I appreciate when Waterloo is well lit. STC is the best for that.

Alexandra Bridge

View from my return to an Ottawa winter

Golden Gate

My take on a cliche of San Francisco

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A vignette about the changing of seasons.

On Privacy and Encryption

A video essay about why we shouldn't build backdoors into our encryption

Air on the Side of Caution

A mysterious man tries to get on a plane.

The Last Supper

Obnoxious customers enter a restaurant right before closing.

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Simple Inverse Kinematics

A quick and dirty algorithm for posing bones

How Raytracing Works

After writing a raytracer, I thought I'd make a walkthrough sharing the strategies you can use to make a 3D renderer

Demystifying English Parsing

Natural Language Processing is one of those things which can seem too complicated and daunting to understand. I break down some of the base concepts to make it less of a magic black box.

Open Letter to CS247

I feel like our Software Engineering Principles course fell short, so I wrote a letter to the staff explaining what was wrong and how I thought it could be fixed.

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