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Made with Ruby on Rails, Python and React

A distributed job management system with dynamic dispatch

Calder GL

Made with Typescript and WebGL

A library for contructing and using WebGL shaders safely at runtime

Good Portraits

Made with OpenCV, YOLO and Node

Artisan abstract portraits generated with hand-crafted code


Made with C++ and OpenGL

Experimenting with GL shaders

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View from QNC

View from inside QNC in the winter

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, made at a Google paint night

Palo Alto Bears

Sketches of some bear sculptures in a park by my house

View from Tahoe

View of the mountains in the Lake Tahoe region

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A vignette about the changing of seasons.

On Privacy and Encryption

A video essay about why we shouldn't build backdoors into our encryption

Air on the Side of Caution

A mysterious man tries to get on a plane.

The Last Supper

Obnoxious customers enter a restaurant right before closing.

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Purpose: A Year in Review

A reflection on the growing up I did this year.

Anatomy of a Code Golf Solution

I learned a few tricks by trying to compress some Javascript source code as much as possible.

Volumes and Subsurface Scattering

An explanation on how we use probability densities to represent permeable materials in 3D rendering

Simple Inverse Kinematics

A quick and dirty algorithm for posing bones

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